National & International USS Projects

Our team strives to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers. When you need world-class products, USS delivers. From Air Force One to the heat of Abu Dhabi, our clients count on us to supply dependable equipment they can rely on.
Jacksonville, ANG, FLAccess to Isolation Valve Vaults
• USS-RC72X72
• USS-RC60X216
• USS-RC133X160
• USS-RC156X160
Elmendorf AFB, AKAccess to Oil/Water Separator
• USS-RC-114X60
Camp David, MD
Presidential Helicopter
Access to the Fueling Systems - Presidential Helicopter
• USS-SC58X96-Flat
Pope AFB, NCAccess to Isolation Valve Vaults
• USS-RC114X60
• USS-RC130X58
McGhee Tyson, ANG, TNAccess to Oil/Water Separator
• USS-RC114X60
Pope AFB, NCAccess to Oil/Water Separator
• USS-RC114X60
Beaufort MAS, SCAccess to Helicopter Fueling Systems
• USS-RC58X80
• USS-RC70X106
• USS-RC106X118
Sioux City, IAAccess to Oil/Water Separator
• USS-RC114X60
Andrews AFB, MD
Air Force One
Covers and Steel Fueling Pits -Air Force One
• USS(2)36S-44X88-72D-MFHS(2)E-Steel
• USS(2)36S-44X88-72D-MFHS(4)E-Steel
Lajes Field, AzoresAccess to Oil/Water Separator
• USS-RC114X60
Yokota AFB, JapanAccess to Oil/Water Separator
• USS-RC114X60
Al Dhafra AFB, Abu Dhabi, UAEAccess to Isolation Valve Vaults
• USS-RC60X48
• USS-HC(2)98X98
Dallas Love Field, TXFuel Hydrant Pits
• USS36S20X20-36D-FHBE(4)
Kadena AFB, JapanAccess to Isolation Valve Vault
• USS-RC138X98
Kunsan AFB, KoreaAccess to Oil/Water Separator
• USS-RC72X64
Kimhae Airport, KoreaFuel Hydrant Pits
• USS24S-20X20-32X32-48D-FHBE(4)
McCarran Int'l Airport, NV Access to Oil/Water Separator
• USS(2)36S-32X70-18D-VA
Israeli Air ForceElectrical Pits - 400Hz and CP
• USS24S-20X20-32X32-60D-400Hz(10M)
• USS12-9X9-24D-CP(6)
Beale AFB, CAElectrical Pits - 400Hz
• USS36S-32X32-44X44-72D-400Hz(100)
Memphis ANG, TNAccess to Oil/Water Separator
• USS-HC67X60
Dulles Int'l Airport, VAAccess to Oil/Water Separator
• USS48S-44X44-18D-VA
San Bernardino Int'l AirportFueling Low Point Drain
• USS24-20X20-36D-LPDBE(4)
Dyess AFB, TXFueling Access Covers
• USS24-20X20-(3-6)(1-12)D-VA-Steel
• USS12X18BD
Balad AFB, IraqAccess to Oil/Water Separator
• USS-RC114X90
Rickenbacker Airport, OHVault Access Covers
• USS24S-20X20-36D-VA(SD)
• USS36S-32X32-36S-VA(SD)